Ztylus Slim Pencil Case for Apple Pencil Black


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メーカー: Ztylus / SKU: 299552 / Mfr: AP_ZAP-SB / EAN: 850104007036

Ztylus Slim Pencil Case for Apple Pencil 商品詳細

The Slim Pencil Case is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hand polished. Each piece is cut to shape then anodized to provide the best durability. The aluminum case is extremely strong and will keep your Apple Pencil safe against daily wear and accidental damage.

The Slim Pencil Case has a thin frame for a sleek and polished look. It gives you the ability to maintain fine control over your Apple Pencil, without sacrificing accuracy. The streamlined design allows you to hold it just like a normal pencil for ultimate comfort when using your Apple Pencil. The thinner form allows for better accuracy and a greater degree of fine control of your Apple Pencil.

When you aren�t using the Apple Pencil, retract it into the case to protect the tip from accidental damage. You no longer have to worry about damaging your Apple Pencil when carrying it around. The Ztylus Slim Pencil Case assures you complete, protection while still maintaining that minimalist feel.

The Slim Pencil Case gives you full access to the lightning connector when you need to charge your Apple Pencil. Have access to your lightning connector even when your Apple Pencil is fully extended. The Slim Pencil Case�s integrated clip not only allows you to clip it onto your clothes or bag, but it also stops your Pencil from rolling away on smooth or angled surfaces.

Never misplace your cap again with our Apple Pencil cap holder. The cap holder convieniently attaches to your cap and stops your from losing your cap while you are charging your Pencil.

  • Made of lightweight CNC machined Aluminum for added protection
  • Thinner frame for finer control without sacrificing accuracy
  • Retractable tip to protect from accidental damage
  • Secured cap holder

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