Xiaomi ROIDMI F8 Handhold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner White, EU Version


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Xiaomi ROIDMI F8 Handhold Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 商品詳細

[Powerful Cyclone Dust System]

With the 100,000-rpm digital motor, when the gear is increased, the motor rotates at a high speed of 1,100 liters per minute, generating 18,500 Pa suction, and efficiently removing dust particles attached to the ground. Noise is as low as 75dB, making it quieter and more comfortable to use.

[Anti-winding Hair Design]

Innovative combing structure, it can separate all kinds of hair from the brush into the dust cup during cleaning, there is no hair winding around the brush.

[Four-stages Filtration]

Effectively filter dust, avoid clogging, maintain long-term suction, and adsorb particles as small as PM0.3, the purification rate reaches 99%, discharged the clean air to avoid secondary pollution.

[2500mAh Long-lasting Battery Power]

The standard maximum gear can run about 55 minutes and clean 350 square meters area, additionally, the 10 minutes super-suction is under the enhanced gear. The status of the battery pack can be known through the mobile phone APP, and if there is a problem, it can be promptly reminded.

[Flexible Rotating Floor Brush]

The multi-angle flexible rotating floor brush can deep down the narrow spaces such as sofas and bed bottoms.

[LED Lights]

The brush is equipped with LED lights and light sensor. The lamp can automatically illuminate sofa, bed and other dark corners.

[APP Connection]

Connect your phone via Bluetooth, turn on the app, check the battery power, cleaning time, dust cup and filter replacement. The firmware of the vacuum cleaner can also be upgraded via mobile phone.

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