Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds White


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Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds 商品詳細

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Earbuds break the traditional master-slave limit and the left / right earphone can be switched at any time.
When making a call and removing any one earphone, it will be switched to unilateral mode by itself.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Earbuds use a 7mm neodymium iron boron magnet with titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unit, and supports ANC noise reduction technology.

On the side of each earphone, the bigger black hole is an Infrared sensor.

Audio automatically pauses when you pull any one earphone out.

The earphones will automatically charge when it is put into the charging case.
Both the earphones and the charging case support quick charging.
According to official data, it can be used for 70 minutes after charging for 10 minutes, and it can be fully charged within 1 hour.

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