Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 Earphone Fresh Youth Edition Silver


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メーカー: Xiaomi / SKU: 314495 / Mfr: AP_mi_piston3_silver / EAN: 6970244522191





Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 Earphone Fresh Youth Edition 商品詳細

[New Xiaomi Metal Composite Diaphragm Piston Earphone] -Won Reddot Award 2015 in Germany -Metal Composite Technology for Diaphragm -Better Balance Damping System ( 3rd Generation ) -"Spiral Pipe" sound chamber, bass performance optimization -More Professional Tuning Mode with super fine and sophisticated design -USA Knowles's microphone with small interference, low distortion and super clear call quality -Brushed aluminum and anodized, corrosion resistance and not easily fade in color -Gift packing with free 3 pairs of quality silicon earplugs -Volume control function for MIMU Phone -Come with 3 pairs of S/M/L size soft rubber earbud cover for comfortable wear -Support Xiaomi devices and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod ( some functions does not work on some Androids and iOS )

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