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  • Honest review.......
  • by / 2020/09/01
  • Build quality, tick. Speed for price, tick. Connects to everything BT/Wifi, tick. Camera, even though it is a downgrade from the Note 10, it is still Stella for the every day person. Miui.....mmmm, so so, needs work, freeze and stuttering at times. Call quality, tick. My only real con is the screen. Although they say it's a flagship type curved bells and whistles screen in practical everyday usage I think I rather the full flat edge to edge. Response to button pressing isn't that great along the edges and the curves reflect a lot of light either dark room or outside and make the viewing specially streaming/videos quite annoying and rather large distraction. It distorts the image. To add once it enters full screen it cuts the top and bottom to fill the edges. Screen = 5/10.