Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphone White

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メーカー: Xiaomi / SKU: 314499 / Mfr: AP_mi_dual_driver_white / EAN: 6934177700293

Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphone 商品詳細

Xiaomi half in-ear earphone, with the high-performance microphone, gives you a unique music experience. Main Features: - Comfortable half in-ear design, for those who do not like fully in-ear earphone - Flexible earphone cable, not easy to wear and tear - Three button line control, easy to use - 90 degrees 3.5mm plug, thoughtful design to fit most music players - Dual drivers and nice speaker allows you to enjoy the beautiful music

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Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphone レビュー

  • 平均的な音のイヤホン
  • by / 17 5月 2019
  • 特にこれと言った特徴のない、平均的な音に感じます。 個人的には1000円位のイヤホンと大差無く思えます。
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