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  • A Beauty!
  • by Caroline / 2016/05/13
  • I own two Xperia Z2's tablets and have been so satisfied, that I decided to try the Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet sold by Expansys. (My previous order purchased from Expansys. This tablet has met my Sony expectations trifold. It is fast, very easy to transport due to size and there is nothing better than Sony's crystal clear resolution. Aside from reading all of the features, I must say that I am never disappointed by Expansys, from their excellent customer service, speedy delivery and handling of the product. They always include something special in their packages such as a Superex power bank charging battery with flashlight, or international plugs to accommodate overseas outlets. What a cool bonus! I am a dedicated customer for sure!
  • Love it!!!
  • by jonzn4suse / 2015/08/10
  • I originally bought the Black LTE version, but the data didn't work with Ting's sim( so I had to send it back. The Wi-Fi version is just as good and Expansys has the best prices. Thanks ;-))
  • Sony z3 tablet
  • by Anonymous / 2015/07/14
  • Quick and painless
  • Love it!
  • by jeffreytz / 2015/05/11
  • I wanted to upgrade from my Nexus 7 LTE 2013 and the Xperia Z3 has fit the bill perfectly. Fantastic screen, just a bit larger than the Nexus which is great for reading Comixology but still very portable; incredibly thin and light; front-facing stereo speakers for watching Slingbox! The only catch is I cannot get this activated on my AT&T plan as a "tablet" for just the $10/month add-on like my Nexus; AT&T's system insists this is a phone. So for now I'm using it wi-fi only. In hindsight I could have saved some money getting the wifi only version (it works fine with my phone as a hotspot when not at home), but I'm still hoping a future update will allow me to add it as a tablet to my data plan. Speaking of updates, the tablet received it's Lollipop upgrade shortly after arrival and it works perfectly, so now all my devices (Moto X 2014, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet) are all on Android 5.x A lot of people say this tablet is expensive for what it is, but I disagree, you get what you pay for (fast processor, excellent screen, front-facing speakers and waterproof/dustproof). Plus personally I like Sony's current design language. I've used a lot of Android tablets and this by far is my favorite. Highly recommended.
  • Best Android Device Available
  • by Vigors / 2015/05/08
  • Initially I was looking into getting the 8.4" Samsung Galaxy Tab S but was not too thrilled with the type of plastic they used on their cases. I also read sporadic reports that while Samsung uses a very capable graphics processor, their menus exhibit a puzzling delay in navigating menus. Furthermore, the UI customizations from Samsung make it difficult to enjoy a more vanilla Android experience. After doing more research, I read several user reviews hailing the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. While the professional reviews favored Samsung, the user reviews on the Sony were consistently higher. This device has a very premium feel to it. While Sony also uses certain plastics, these are higher quality plastic that match the device well. Performance wise, it operates smoothly at all levels. Only the absolute most graphic intensive games will challenge it (e.g. Contest of Champions is functional but not completely fluid). The resolution is not as high as the Samsung but at 1920x1080, it is still quite good. I can comfortably view a PDF document without having to zoom or go into landscape mode. Sony has also customized the Android UI but it's not nearly as overwhelming as Samsung's customizations. Sony's app drawer is easy enough to work with and you can easily gather all the bloatware into one place where they can be easily ignored. Finally, as someone who lives in the US (Los Angeles area), the order and shipping went smoothly. The device will ship with a USB charger that is meant for a UK plug, but that component is the most expendable. Overall this is a highly recommended device from a highly recommended seller.
  • Best phone and tablet all together !
  • by AJ Kwok / 2015/01/09
  • This baby is now confirmed to work on Wind Mobile Network in Canada. Order this yesterday morning from toronto and got the package the second day ! (these guys are amazingly fast) Was told by customer service manager(Eric) that all products shipped to Canada are pre-cleared so no more custom fees. I put the wrong billing address for credit card and contacted their customer service over the phone. Customer service manager (Eric) picked up and help was immediately provided and to the point. This unit has all the goods from the previous version, which is the bigger Z2 and does so much more. It has voice calling built in so i am using this both as a tablet and a phone, call quality is amazing good. Rest assured if you're in doubts. The baby is small, but rocks big !
  • Awesome.
  • by Anonymous / 2014/12/20
  • PRO: Beautiful screen, WATERPROOF, lightweight, great front facing speakers, PS4 Connectivity, expandable memory, solid internal hardware and unobtrusive sony launcher. CONS: ...price? Current lack of accessories (1st and 3rd party).
  • Great Tablet but
  • by Anonymous / 2014/12/15
  • I love the tablet, but i received the European version (charger) expansys told me they would send me the right one but just sent a wall adapter (was Not happy), then they promised me to fix this buy sending me the wall power plug for usa/canada... but at this time im still waiting for it (one week) so still have faith !
  • Power button died after 3 months
  • by TheCanucklehead / 2015/01/15
  • I see why Sony quietly released this model. The aspects were really nice - battery life, size... But still no KitKat.