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  • The Best
  • by Lester Grantham / 2021/04/07
  • Nice smartphone
  • by Aka / 2020/10/14
  • Phone feels good to hold with the aspect ratio and surprisingly light weight as well. Display is very good. Battery life is amazing and lasts more than two days with my usage. Most apps run smoothly and the mid-range processor doesn't seem to have a noticeable difference unless you're a heavy gamer. Camera isn't the best available for the price by the way, especially when you need to zoom. Price is on the higher side for the specs, but for everyday use this isn't a bad option at all. Expansys service was also good with quick delivery and helpful customer support staff.
  • Xperia 10 II is very good
  • by / 2020/09/01
  • Very good phone
  • Narrow Phone perfect for one-hand
  • by Jego / 2020/08/22
  • It's ergonomically good and fits one hand very well. It's quite fast ad the fingerprint sensor on the side is also reliable. The only feature I got disappointed with is the lack of double-tap to wake /sleep feature. Beyond that, it's pretty amazing.
  • かなり良い
  • by hattori / 2020/08/15
  • タイへの発送だが、火曜夜に注文して金曜日に届いた。税金は770THB。色は黒より青の方が良かったかな・・・?やはり印象として、細長い。画面が小さく感じられる。横にして動画を見るのは良さそう。XZ1に有った機能等で無くなってるのがちょくちょくある・・・。慣れるまでもうしばらく掛かりそう。値段を考えると非常に満足している。
  • 비싸지 않지만 기능이 충실합니다
  • by user2020 / 2020/12/09
  • 휴대폰을 처음으로 해외에서 들여와서 걱정이 많았는데 이메일을 통한 고객센터의 대응이 친절해서 다행입니다! 물론 제품의 배송 상태도 좋습니다! 제품에대해 말씀드리면 가격이 좋고 기능도 충실하지만 편의기능은 삼성제품에 비해 많이 부족합니다.. 그래도 만족하며 사용중입니다.