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  • Xperia 1
  • by Mahesh Kini / 2019/08/06
  • Very pleasant experience to deal with Expansys. The product arrived in brand new condition and everything is working fine.
  • Xperia 1 - good spec and features as promised but has issues
  • by / 2019/08/06
  • A bit underwhelming for the price. The flagship features work as advertised - screen, split screen/dual app, audio, camera, video, Dual-SIM... all as would be expected. However the tethering feature does not work! Very disappointing for the expensive and flagship model!... online searches find no solution for this issue, but do indicate Sony has been having issues with tethering for many, many years on various models... you'd have thought they would have this sorted by now! My previous X5 Dual SIM and XZ Premium Dual SIM did not have this issue - support was useless in getting any result...other than wanting me to factory reset the phone and start again... yes the whole installation process... I've been quite a fan of the Sony phones for some time, however this will probably be my last Sony phone after this experience...