Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK36


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メーカー: Sony / SKU: 315130 / Mfr: AP_AC-SON-DK-36 / EAN: 7311271450962





Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK36 商品詳細

Xperia Z2専用マグネティック充電ドック [マルチタスク機能] 充電中でも画面を確認しやすい角度で固定 メッセージなどの通知アラートや着信があっても大丈夫 [端末カバーを付けた状態でもカバー無しでも使用可能] 充電のたびにカバーを外す必要はありません [SonyによるSony Xperia Z2のためのデザイン] Xperia Z2専用にデザインされた充電ドックなので充電中の安定感や充電の効果が段違いに快適です

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Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK36 レビュー

  • Nice alternative to USB charging
  • by G / 06 5月 2020
  • This genuine Sony dock is sleek and small and will fit on a small surface. The magnet is quite strong for keeping the device secure but the dock itself is very light so you can accidentally lift the device with the dock still attached. I've been able to get a Z2, Z3 and Z3 tablet compact to work with this despite it listing compatibility only for the Z2. It has an interchangeable slot to accommodate a case on these aforementioned devices too. I bought this for my Z3 as the micro USB port no longer charged the phone. This brought it back to life and charges it quickly. No cable is included but it is meant to be plugged into your phone's micro USB cable and adapter. Overall I think it is worth the $17.
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