Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling


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Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Headphones 商品詳細

The Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC is a closed-back, ergonomically designed headset featuring NoiseGard� Active noise cancellation, giving you an immersive listening experience on the go. Connect using Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC), and enjoy up to 25 hours of luxurious listening. For easy access, these headphones include ear-cup mounted controls and an integrated microphone. The Sennheiser HD 4 Series - Let Everyday Sound Great Take your music with you, anywhere. Versatile and vibrant, the new HD 4 series comprises the complete Sennheiser quality package in a range of durable, closed-back, over-ear headsets that redefine the quality of sound. -HD 4.50 BTNC Music lovers demanded the highest-quality sound experience, on the go?and we listened. Our new headset features NoiseGard� active noise cancellation, giving you the power to eliminate any noise that comes between you and your music. Complete with the stunning, high-definition Sennheiser sound, the headset you've been asking for is the HD 4.50 BTNC. -Your Music. Nothing Else. With the HD 4.50 BTNC, you can enjoy your music and nothing else. Period. The noisy world around you is shut out by NoiseGard�, the active noise cancellation technology developed by Sennheiser. Just turn on, sit back, and indulge in the refined sound of this powerful closed-back headset: Rich details, vivid, powerful bass, soaring highs, all delivered by proprietary Sennheiser drivers. -Great Sound. No Strings Attached. The HD 4.50 BTNC is all about freedom, so there's no cable. Instead, you can pair your compatible device in a flash, using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The headset is built with state-of-the-art wireless technology and audio codec for reliable transmission. The wireless Hi-Fi sound is so good you'll need to hear it to believe it. -Simple Never Sounded So Good Everything about the HD 4.50 BTNC feels natural. Just touch the ear-cup mounted controls and you'll know what we mean. With its integrated microphones you can make and receive calls, change tracks, or adjust the volume in a breeze. -Comfort on the Go The streetwise HD 4.50 BTNC combines supreme comfort and sound quality you can take anywhere. With its around-ear design and deep, ergonomic ear pads, you can enjoy long listening sessions in total luxury. And when you're not on the move, just fold the headset into its protective case. -The Joy of a Long-Lasting Battery Real adventures happen far away from power outlets. Fortunately, the HD 4.50 BTNC has a powerful battery that lets you enjoy music for up to 25 hours so you can focus more on your experience. -Timeless Design When Sennheiser develops a premium headset like the HD 4.50 BTNC, we build it to last. Our designers went to the drawing board to create a look that will last. We chose elegant, strong lines, and fashioned its sleek frame from highly-curated, robust materials that speak to the quality within. The HD 4.50 BTNC is built to stand the test of time. Type: Over-Ear Wireless: Bluetooth Noise Reduction: Noise Canceling Microphone: Built-in Frequency Response: 18-22,000 Hz Weight (lbs.): 8.4 oz Talk Time (hrs): Up to 25 Hours Earpiece Design: Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)

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  • Awesome buy
  • by Ram / 12 12月 2019
  • got a good deal and enjoying the music...
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