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  • Wonderful phone and price
  • by Robert McGregor / 2020/09/25
  • The Z Flip exceeded my expectations. Small, convenient and very functional. Delighted.
  • Galaxy Z Flip - better than expected
  • by Robert McGregor / 2020/08/28
  • Started with a Fold. But it was too big to carry around casually. Sourced this Z Flip at an excellent price from this site and was blown away by the convenience of the form factor. It is like having an S20+ that you can fold in half. Screen Fold cannot be seen or even felt in normal use - unless you scroll across the middle of the page - and that need not be done. Battery life is excellent - but only after you tweek some Apps. Front notification screen lets you know if something is there and you then open the phone - what's wrong with that... Really delighted by this phone. Didn't expect it to be so good.