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  • My first smart watch.
  • by Jason Lee / 2020/06/08
  • This is something better than I expected. Much convenience than normal watch.
  • Some goods and bads but serve the purpose with good price
  • by Joseph / 2019/05/17
  • Pro: - Cheaper than other channels in Taiwan - New / unopened, same Samsung quality - Fast delivery, free shipping - Thanks to the watch my life is now more healthy and organized - Eye catching appearance Con: - Shipping is free but the tax is not included. Keep in mind what mentioned on website is not the final price. - No way you can know the tax amount before placing order - Paying tax is not efficient - you can't pay on line. You must delivery the CASH to the DELIVERY GUY in order to receive the package. If you are working, make sure you have someone else to get the package and pay cash. (I don't know who's the blame, FedEx or Expansys. I've purchased many items abroad but this is the only problem I met) - Samsung pay is not available (*) out of the box becasue this is a Dubai version. * Technically you can do a SDB hack to solve this issue, but bear in mind you need to do research and try by yourself. Expansys or Samsung won't answer this issue.
  • by LAI / 2019/03/25
  • 雖然程式常常出現阿拉伯文的更新通知,但是samsung pay是可以使用的.希望對買的人有幫助.
  • by LAI / 2019/03/25
  • 在台灣可以用SAMSUNG PAY,這樣會誤導很多人
  • amazing watch
  • by Robert / 2019/11/29
  • Love this watch, but after exactly 6 months the sensor back fell off. Just out of warranty.
  • 無法使用Samsung pay
  • by / 2019/03/19
  • 價格尚可接受 但無法在台灣使用Samsung pay 台灣的消費者購買前請三思