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  • 5G working perfect
  • by Eyad / 2020/09/11
  • the 5G is working and the phone is fully functioning in Saudi Arabia Perfect Yes need to have in in opened box so the fiirst update to be done in Korea Otherwise no future updates shall be functioning in orher counties
  • 5g not enabled
  • by ‪Khaled Asseri‬‏ / 2020/07/22
  • esim and 5g not support
  • No esim no 5g
  • by Khaled Asseri / 2020/06/05
  • There is no esim And 5g not support maybe need updat This is Taiwan version
  • great genuine product
  • by Eyad Abdallah / 2020/09/01
  • I feel really comfort doing business with you guys, even i recommend your website to many of my friend and any tweets asking about the snapdragon version of the S20 ultra Only my concern is the Chinese language message always appear on screen from time to time
  • Good handling ... but....?!
  • by ASEM / 2020/07/31
  • Unfortunately I received the device and the box was opened from the site itself and a quality sticker has been placed on the box .. The device is new .. But the back cover I found was used as of a year ago due to the scratches on it .. The rest of the things are new like the headphone and charger ... Unfortunately it was not written describing the goods It is open .. This must be made clear to the customer before purchase.
  • Gooooooood
  • by / 2020/06/29
  • 내가 찾던폰 단 한가지 아쉬움은 SD카드+듀얼카드가 안돼 (3구카드홀이 아쉬움)
  • good
  • by ASEM / 2020/09/01
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