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  • Understand the total package before you buy
  • by Joseph / 2018/10/03
  • Pro 1. Zero issue with product - yes it's brand new, seal not broken. The phone is fantastic, and even come with AKG earphone and a transparent back cover. The cover add almost no weight and size, and can see the phone clearly. 2. Worked perfectly with careers. Tried Chunghwa in Taiwan and Roaming in Philippine without any issue. Con 1. Slow shipment: I placed the order in 31 Aug, and received the set in 20 Sep. Of course the problem is not delivery, but custom. However, another purchase I done in July in different store - same route, similar product, similar price, only take 10 days. 2. Additional charge: purchase price didn't include custom fee, and I need to prepare tons of paperwork. Even worse, the shipping company asked me to pay custom fee to them, otherwise the product can't be given to me, even it's already on my doorstep. Again, this didn't occur in my other recent purchase with other company. 3. Value: when adding the custom, the price is not competitive, not to mention you need to wait so long and prepare so many documents. The custom process is really a nightmare. If other company can handle it very smoothly, why expansys can not? If you can accept issues above, then it's a recommended purchase. Otherwise you can save the troubles by purchasing locally - similar price, much much faster.