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  • Note 20Ultra
  • by Fahad / 2021/03/08
  • I like it because the processor snapdragon
  • US Model Samsung delivered to NZ no problem!
  • by Matt / 2020/12/09
  • I didn't want a Exynos model phone so I ordered the SM-N9860 from Expansys. I was slightly terrified as it wasn't a small amount of $$$ to spend on a phone. I have received it. It was well packaged, delivered and required a signature by Fedex. Absolutely happy with the phone. I've done some testing on it and can verify it is a genuine Snapdragon model and has already received an update. Works fine on NZ networks. I can recommend this for NZ customers. Just make sure you get a NZ customs client code (Fedex called me and got me to fill the paper work. It is free so long as you aren't an importer.). Another thing. GST IS part of the total cost of the phone. So the price you see on Expansys is what you end up paying.
  • Excellent note 20 ultra 5G
  • by Manoj / 2020/09/18
  • Snapdragon is excellent than Exynos. Really Excellent