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  • Great phone
  • by Glenn Ahearn / 2020/10/30
  • Bought it is red for my wife and she loves it. Works great with her Samsung watch too.
  • 갤럭시노트10라이트
  • by / 2020/09/20
  • 한국 내에는 판매되지 않아서 해외구매했는데 논란 많은 갤럭시노트20(& 울트라)와 비교하면 가격대비 성능이 우월하고 노트에 잘 안 맞는 엣지가 아닌 플랫 스크린이라서 더 만족스럽습니다. 다만 한국 국내용이 아니라서 NFC 기능을 사용하기 어려운데, 약간의 편법을 사용해서 USIM에 교통카드 기능을 활성화하는 것까지는 성공했네요.
  • Note 10 Lite is Heavy !
  • by Mike / 2020/09/01
  • Yeah, man, like really heavy ! No, not weight-wise, but heavy as in cool, funky, or awesome. Bought this for my son in Canada, and he's really happy with it. It's functional, has a great sized display, and the pen is a fantastic addition. He's made the switch to Android and ain't lookin' back ! Also, I had super service with Expansys - I ordered and picked up the device in a rush (as I said it needed to be on a plane within a couple of days), and Nicole answered all my questions promptly and efficiently ! Expansys are my first stop when I'm looking for technology.
  • samsung galaxy note 10 lite
  • by wilnesa jalosjos / 2020/08/06
  • legit, im using it now very nice and fast transaction
  • Not dissapointed
  • by Bruce M / 2020/08/04
  • This is all I need in a phone. WAAAY better than my Note5. Pros: flat screen and it comes with the screen protector already installed :) Face recognition works well, fingerprint reader not so much. Cameras are great - especially the presets of macro, standard and an ultra wide. The FM radio actually works! It's there so dig till you find it! (although needs headphones for the antenna, but can be played on speaker) and sound is good. Phone coverage is good (I'm on LTE in NZ and set to automatically choose 2G/3G/4G) Cons: Occasionally the pen does not detect, but a restart appears to have fixed that. THERE IS NO NFC CHARGING contrary to what I researched.. unless my genuine Samsung charger is not compatible - which I doubt! Or possibly the provided rear skin case is too thick.. There is NO genuine Samsung flip case of any type. Very disappointing.
  • galaxy nite 10 lite
  • by Wilnesa jalosjos / 2020/07/30
  • Nice, im satisfied..
  • Galaxy Note 10lite
  • by Kumar Vaswani / 2020/06/08
  • The Phone can on time all is was intact Works well no issues Expansy is reliable and most of all trustworthy with all their products I buy all my electronics via this site for years now
  • good
  • by jimmy / 2020/08/18
  • good
  • good
  • by jimmy / 2020/08/12
  • good