Nokia / Withings Body Cardio Scale WBS04 Reviews From Other Regions

  • Withings Body Cardio - Get It!
  • by Falex / 2017/06/01
  • I researched various WiFi scales and settled for the Withings Body Cardio. Apple no longer stick it due to unrelated patent disputes with the parent company, Nokia. So I purchased it from EXPANSYS. The complete purchase delivery experience was flawless and it arrived in a few days ... very slick. The Withings Body Cardio has exceeded my expectations ... incredible hardware, ultra thin, good rechargeable battery, easy to read screen, great iPhone software and full integration with iHealth on the iPhone. I highly recommended the Withings Body Cardio scales and using EXPANSYS as the supplier ... get it!
  • Nice Product
  • by oldtang / 2016/08/31
  • Cardio Scale可結合手機及網頁查看所有家人的數据記綠,讓人感到驚奇,對健康管理很有幫助
  • Great metrics but locked to your phone account.
  • by Anonymous / 2017/05/13
  • Great information with the pulse wave velocity readings, a bit disappointed that the scale is totally locked to the user account and does not give a reading unless it recognizes the registered users. Have only received the PWV readings for myself as well, (primary account) and not my wife (second user) with no luck changing this after 2 weeks so far. Maybe the next firmware update will address this.