Moodbox Emotionally Intelligent Smart Speaker WF-1002

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Moodbox Emotionally Intelligent Smart Speaker WF-1002 商品詳細

  • Premium speakers with emotion recognition
  • Frosted Glass Outer Shell - Scandinavian Design
  • Hands-free, voice controlled, crystal clear Hi-Fi sound
  • Mood changing light with 360° omni-directional sound
  • Music alarm, best morning wakeup (Light & Music)
  • Weather and time telling
  • Multi-room if you buy two or more Moodbox
  • Free iOS and Android apps
Moodbox is a wireless intelligent speaker that can converse with you and play music to help you relax. It features high-quality speakers and expressive lighting that makes your room look and sound atmospheric!

Moodbox is powered by an emotionally intelligent virtual agent called Emi. Emi can recommend different music for different times of day and different occasions. You use the wakeup word “Okay Emi” to activate the Moodbox and then speak to Moodbox for e.g. “play some workout music”.

Deep crystal clear sound
The high quality sound you will receive from your Moodbox is the result of top notch materials, acoustic design and exceptional craftsmanship. MoodBox’s crystal clear 360° Hi-Fi sound lets you enjoy your music in the highest quality.

Each MoodBox comes stocked with 4 x 1.5-inch tweeters as well as a 3-inch subwoofer which is powerful enough to fill up your living room while still providing the rich, powerful sound you desire.

With a sleek and classic design, MoodBox will be a perfect fit anywhere in your home. With the simple click of a button, you can sync multiple MoodBox’s together to play the same song throughout your home, or set your MoodBox’s to play different tunes in each room - all in high quality, without missing a single beat.

MoodBox App
With Moodbox’s smartphone, tablet and computer app, you will have full control of all your music and streaming services. The Moodbox app keeps a record of your moods and gives you a complete analysis showing you how your mood fluctuates throughout the day, week of even over the month!

Find the Moodbox's user manual here.

重さ: 2.80kg


  • Materials: Frosted Glass, Electroplated Glass, ABS Plastic, Felt
  • Audio: 1 x 3-inch Sub-Woofer and 4 x 1.5-inch Tweeters
  • Wireless: Dual-band Wi-Fi (MIMO), Supports 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Lighting: Full-spectrum LEDs
  • Sensors: Microphone Array, Hand Gesture Sensor for Light and Speaker Control
  • Languages: English and Chinese
  • Platform: Android and Embedded Linux
  • Wight: approx. 3500 g
  • Dimensions: 250 x 110 x 110 mm

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