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Xiaomi Mi 11 - CN without Google [Xiaomi Mi 11 5G Dual-SIM - 329813]

  • szypek
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Hey Guys, 


Just a quick question regarding CN version fo the phone. 

Could you let me know if it is possible to change CN to En once Google Services are installed on the phone? 


Many Thanks, 



  • merksab
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what is the effect of " without google" ? any photos, contacts, drives will not be accessible ? what about google play for application download ?


  • Derek_W Staff
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CN version means it comes with the OS that is for the Chinese home market in mainland China. It does not come with any Google Mobile Services. System language can be switched to English but the OS is still the CN one without Google.

  • Dela
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I have the same problem! I have gone into settings and changed language to English but the apps and search bar are still all in Chinese. I've looked to try and change each app to English and you can't or I can't read it to know if there is even this option! 
I can't find any help to find out how to get the english versions of the system apps! very frustrating.

There is no known solution to get around this at this time. 

  • Robert R
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Yes, that's a problem. In addition to the lack of google services, Chinese smartphones do not support LTE at 800 MHz, which may limit their range. If the provider also has 3G on one of the frequencies supported by the smartphone - the lack of Band 20 you probably will not notice. But if the provider in your city only offers LTE, you'll be out of touch in the 800 MHz coverage area.  There are cases when they put another operating system on such phones, but cases of success and absence of bugs are very rare