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To Yoni [Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 - 196810]

  • BennyQ
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Can you tell us why the estimated days keep changing? It was at 3 days earlier today and now has gone to 4 days.
  • anitalg
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I would guess its as the date they are given keeps changing, but I will flag this for Yonis attention for you
  • BennyQ
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Yes but there are some of us that have paid for this item already expecting it to be in stock on the 12th then told on the 12th that it would be the 19th and now it has got to the 19th it is being flagged as being expected in 7 days which will now be the 26th i personally think that is very unfair of this company to be doing this.
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The stock arrived late yesterday, some orders were shipped in time for the courier collection, the reset will leave today.




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