Toshiba Portege G500 - BT Clearance – サポートフォーラム

My e-Mail to Toshiba [Toshiba Portege G500 - BT Clearance - 146075]

Dear Mr. S*****,

i was a owner of a Toshiba G500 cell-phone IMEIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for just one week.

After that short time of use, it doesn't start anymore (displays just "Toshiba" on the screen).  05.11.2007

I send it in for guarantie-repair to arvato here in Germany.
As i spoke to Mr. XXXXXXXX from arvato (the corresponding Toshiba repaircenter), they can't repair the phone because they have no data cable,
no software, and no phones for replace.

Now it's over one month that i have no phone, so i beg You to help me out of this condition.
Is it possible to send me a replace G500 to my adress, to can phone at least this year?
Thank You in advance.

With kindest regards



One week has past since i sent this mail to Toshiba in Belgium -> NO ANSWER
(the e-Mail adress was correct, didn't get a failure notice)
If You ask me, what i would have changed - i would newer buy a Toshiba product.



Today is 08.01.2008 -> still no answer and no reaction from Toshiba

Today is 17.01.2008 -> from Toshiba i give up to expect an answer. I spoke to the technician from arvato - the German Repaircenter for Toshiba.
They have no spareparts, as he told me.

Today is 12.02.2008 -> I spoke to the technician from arvato - the German Repaircenter for Toshiba ->they still have no spareparts !!!

 Its unbelievable !!

Today, 13.02.2008 my new G500 arrived, but not from Toshiba repaircenter, my local-dealer sent me a new one.

btw. yesterday i phoned to the corresponding toshiba responsible person for spareparts, and left my phonenumber on his answering machine.

Till now i didn't get a call-back.