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Sonim XP1 shut down without warning / unit 'hang' when scanning for more bluetooth devices [Sonim XP1 Ruggedized Mobile Phone Bluetooth Edition - 162540]

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I bought a Sonim XP1 on June 10, 2008.


After a few day using it with my bluetooth headset (Jawbone).  I have found my phone shut down by itself even with fully charged battery.


Also, when performing search for more devices, the screen of the phone will turned black with only the keyboard's lights and one have to wait a couple of muntes before restarting thephone.


I would like to ask if anyone using this phone has similar problems and also solution is wellcome.  Any way to check thedriver version?





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I bought Sonim XP1 in december 2008 and after few days I noticed, that my phone freeze usualy once per day. Just like you (BLP) wrote, screen of the phone turn black, keyboard's lights are still on. So far phone always recovered after approximalty 5min. Nothing else help except hard reset (unplugging batery and placing it back again). 

I searched on Web for a solution, but without success. Did you maybe solve this problem? If so, how? 

Thanks for your help!