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Does the Socket P300 work with the HP6515? [Socket Go WI-Fi P300 SDIO - 138646]

I'm interested in buying the Socket Go WI-Fi P300 SDIO version: 802.11g" for my Ipaq 6515 Pocket PC. 

I use the Windows PPC2003SE operating system.

I have two questions:-
1.  Is the P300 compatible with the Ipaq 6515?
2.  What software is included with the product?
Many thanks,

In the absence of any advice on this forum, I took a risk and bought the Socket P300 for my Ipaq 6515 - it works perfectly!  The software bundled with the P300 includes the driver and Wifi Companion; the later is a really good piece of software.  The P300 works much better than the unreliable Spectec card I had before.  The reception range is about 50 feet with BTHomeHub.  It also works well with other hotspots. I ordered the P300 at 3.30pm on a Monday and it was delivered by 10.00am the following day.  I hope this helps other Ipaq owners.