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Planet 3 Software [Samsung i200 - 164434]

  • HCH
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I guess this mobile does not have 3 mobiles software installed. Am I correct? Is this a deal with 3 as they have a habit of locking out mobiles that are not on their inventory. JC.
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The phone is unbranded, so no three software.

And yes, they do not like 2G handsets on their network, and will text you normally to advise.

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Hi HCH, these are unlocked/unbranded devices (i.e. SIM Free). They don't carry any "3" branding. With regards to allowing non "3" devices onto their network, they only do this for GSM/2G devices. Devices that support 3G are fine, this is taken from their website:

"Keep your current 3G* mobile, get a new 3G SIM to go in it.  *3G means a high-speed network. "

 "3" offer monthly SIM only details for this reason, along with PAYG SIM cards, so you can use your own mobile.

  • HCH
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Thanks for the info. JC.