Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Dual-SIM SM-F916B – サポートフォーラム

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 5G Order reference 11UP-341C-4B0B Fedex Shipment 184827004867 [Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Dual-SIM SM-F916B - 325411]

Hello good morning.

First I'm so sorry because my English is not fluent

I want to tell you something about Fedex:

I am very disappointed with the final amount that I need to pay to this company.

Before I was receiving a custom duty and tax declaration and this document shows an amount of 11340,43 pesos.

The package delays a lot of days in the customs and delays too much also in Cebu City wait to deliver.

Finally next Monday this company will deliver the package but when I ask the final amount to pay, they say that 14500 pesos approximately.

Why I need to pay  3000 pesos more. I think this is because Fedex charges too much money for the service.

If you remember I finish pay in Expansys 1000 or more for the Service.

I finish to ask in FEdex and they say that this is a local tax in Manila and another local tax in Cebu City and the name of this tax is Warehouse processing Charge which is comprised two elements:

1) Storage charge for shipments caged in FedEx facilities  245 for each day over 48 hours).......................Only for stay in warehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I think is normal that the package stay in the warehouse and not outside)

2) Wharehouse Handling: A one-time fixed charge. his charge is 420 peso..........................Another tax in Warehouse!!!!!!!

So the final amount for the FedEx service is more than 4000 pesos. 3000 for storage and Whareouse handling and more than 1000 pesos for the basic service Move from Hong Kong to Moaboal)

I think that this is an abuse of FedEx and also Expansys need to know about that and also Expansys have a little responsibility because I never decided about the courier, only Expansys offers one possibility for the courier, but I think you need to advise about that extra expenses and not only about the customs expenses and, consequently,  the customer can decide about use the FedEx services or not.

I don't know Why I need to pay more than 3000 pesos for Warehouse tax because if the package is in the warehouse for a few days is because the delivery is delay  In Manila is delay a few days and also in Cebu City is a delay since February16 to February 22) and this is not my problem.

Thank you so much