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USB Keyboard Issue [Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) 8.0" SM-T385C - 307569]

recently purchased a generic USB keyboard/folio for my Samsung Tab A (2017) SM-T380. The keyboard came with a micro USB to USB type C adapter plug to suit my Tablet.

I can't get it to work. I surmised that, either, there was a problem with the supplied adapter plug (micro usb to type c USB) or there is some sort of software setting in the Tab A that I've overlooked that is preventing the keyboard from working.

I purchased a second micro usb to type c adapter plug today and tested it without success, so I'm thinking either a software setting is the culprit or the Tab simply won't allow me to use a USB keyboard with it. The Tab runs Android version 7.1.1

I have tried the keyboard (without the adapter) with my SGS7 and it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this issue and if so, was there a software solution to it?

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When you plug the keyboard into your S7, does it work straight away, or do you have to go and choose the keyboard in the settings? Saw a guide here that mentionoed you may need to select it as the keyboard in the language and input settings: