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Request for Malaysia S8 model? [Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual-SIM SM-G950FD - 301199]

  • ice111
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When I purchase, I would like to request the S8 model from Malaysia,

is that possible?

and may i know how long is the waiting time?

  • Derek_W Staff
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We are sorry that we are unable to provide reservation for product version, but we will only dispatch the item with the same model number i.e. SM-G950FD with the same specs listed in the technical details.

The estimate arrival time for the next batch of stock will be the middle of this week. We would strongly recommend you to place your order first. Once the stock is arrived at our warehouse, backorders with confirmed payment will be fulfilled first. You may cancel your order if you advise us prior to your order being shipped. There are no cancellation charges.