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esim inactive? [Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Dual-SIM SM-G9860 - 321900]

i just got this s20+ dual sim.  I recognized i can not find any way to use e-sim.  esim inactive with this device?

All models of Galaxy S20 series equip eSIM. Please contact your mobile carrier to activate eSIM plan,  

I still feel esim function is disabled with this phone.  


"Add mobile plan" is not displayed in "SIM card manager" below Connections of Settings App.

Did you manage to enable the eSIM on SM-G9860Snapdragon - Dual SIM)?

No.  I gave up to search.

Notmaly it should be on "SIM Manager"
I think the menu might hidden because you are not in Hongkong/Taiwan/China.
You can lunch any menu via this application. If you can find the right menu you might able to add new eSIM.

Any one knows exact activity name to try?