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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4Gの機能について [Samsung Galaxy S20+ 4G Dual-SIM SM-G985F/DS - 321896]

  • Aaaq
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus4Gモデルにはボイスレコーダー機能と通話録音機能はついていますか?

又は、ボイスレコーダー機能と通話録音機能がついているSamsung Galaxy S20 シリーズの型番号等を教えて下さい。





I am looking to get the Galaxy s20 for my office and I want to know if anyone will ship it to the Pakistan and how much it will cost me. Also tell me if there is any other better option for me. Like I'm working as a SEO services agency and I really have a better phone.

  • purbaha
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus4G is very nice phone , i wanted to know is there any 5G variant in it or only note 20 has 5g variants 

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