Samsung Galaxy S10e Dual-SIM SM-G9700 – サポートフォーラム

Queries regarding import, stock and sale [Samsung Galaxy S10e Dual-SIM SM-G9700 - 316312]

Hello, I'm interested in this product, but I have a few queries that I'd like answers to;

Now from what I've gathered, this model of the S10e is suppose to be for the region China/Hong Kong. I'm currently living in Malaysia, so if I were to import this, will there be any limitations, and if there are, what are they? I'm almost certain there will be at least some limitations since the phone is made to be used in China/Hong Kong. There will probably be certain features I won't be able to use, I'd like to know exactly what they are and any other issues I can expect before I commit to buying this product. e.g. Will language be an issue? Or will all apps be available for me to use with no issues? Or will I be able to link my credit card with apps and the phone with no issues? Since this phone is unlocked I presume using Maxis for SIM card and their 4g will be a non-issue? And really any other issues that may come up due to importing this phone. I'd hate to order this phone only to have find out certain "deal-breakers" when I receive that willl ruin the user experience for me.

Something else I'm concern about is regarding the colour. I'd really like the prism green variation of the s10e from this model, but from what I can see, it isn't available;

So will only prism black be available or can I expect to see more stock for prism green in the foreseaable future? I understand that Prism Green is availabe in the other model, but I'm only looking at the G9700 model for now. This alongside with concerns above regarding import are the 2 reasons why I haven't ordered this phone yet, so any response to my questions are appreciated.

Lastly, not sure if this question can be answered, but how long will this sale last? I presume I only have a limited time frame to buy this product under sale, so it would be nice to know how long I have. Or if there will be any bigger sale in the forseeable future for this product. I understand this question may not be answered, but I'm curious so I may as well include it in this thread. 

That's all the queries I have, thanks in advance for your response.