Samsung Galaxy S10+ Dual-SIM SM-G9750 – サポートフォーラム 購入する – ¥71,278 (税抜き)

Samsung Galaxy s10+ 2gb/512GB ceramic black [Samsung Galaxy S10+ Dual-SIM SM-G9750 - 315656]

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is there going to be a restock on Samsung Galaxy s10+ 12gb/512GB ceramic black soon or they will no longer stock/make one?

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If you place an order for item without stock, it usually takes from 10 to 28 working days until we complete the delivery to customer.

If the item is recent newness, the lead time tends to be shorter while the aged model after the launch in the market would risk to be obsoleted by the supplier. Please note.

Regarding the smart glass you mention, we would be able to tell you more detailed schedule if you had already placed an order.