Samsung Galaxy Note9 Dual-SIM SM-N960F/DS – サポートフォーラム 購入する – ¥62,065 (税抜き)

A foreigner living in Japan for less than 6 months can buy without tax? [Samsung Galaxy Note9 Dual-SIM SM-N960F/DS - 312331]

I am a foreigner and live in Japan for less than 6 months. Buying goods in Japan, I am not taxed. If I order from you, I also will not pay tax? And one more question, is the delivery free?

You are charged import tax equally  even though you enjoy the consumption tax free scheme for foreigner in Japan.

If your order amount is over JPY 70,000, the delivery charge is waved.


I understood about the delivery. I meant the tax on goods 6 -10. Foreigners living in Japan for less than 6 months buy goods without tax. Does this rule apply to your site?

For foreigner staying less than 6moths, they are considered as visitor and direct tax as income tax is waved.

Regarding indrect tax as consumption tax, there's the case the foreigner can enjoy the advantage.

The most well known case is the refund of comsumption tax at tax free shop.

However, the tax free shop should be the one registered and authorised by official application.

Only the shopping at those registered tax free stores can refund the comsumption tax to the foreigner.

In other cases, indirect tax as import tax, airport tax etc are charged to everyone equally.