Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Dual-SIM SM-N9860 – サポートフォーラム 購入する – ¥118,715 (税抜き)

Note 20 Ultra - order 08SF1C0A0A03 [Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Dual-SIM SM-N9860 - 325410]

  • wael
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The Note 20 ultra you sent me had the Samsung seal broken and replaced with your own "seal of quality". The device has visible scratch marks at the top and bottom and is clearly not new. I tried calling all the phone numbers you list on your website without success. I also sent an e-mail to which I am awaiting your response and proposed action. So far, I do not recommend buying from you. I will updated my experience depending on how you address my concerns.

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Please refer to this post.

Wael, Have you tested 5G on the SD N9860) ?

And after the device was updated in Australia ?

Import SD's N9860) to the UK which are activated in the UK) had 5G working out of the box, but following a recent software update, 5G is no longer working    

  • wael
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5G is not working in the UAE. 

Sorry I thought you are in Australia

no 5g in uae? bro whts the issue .. i also wanted to buy snapdragon version ... can u explain ur problem? did u get a replacement