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Kit Kat update? [Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition - 253052]

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Will Samsung ever release a Kit Kat update for this tablet? I've not been able to get any sense from phone calls to their support. Not even an ETA, yet my Sony xperiaZ1 phone has today received it's second Kit Kat update. C'mon Samsung, very disappointed!

I've had kitkat for months on my Note.    Just install another countries firmware that have had the update.    Simply download software called Odin which allows you to install the firmware on the tablet.      Download the software from a site called SamMobile and follow one of the countless guides online to the letter.    Hey presto!    KitKat  I used the USA firmware.    It's a wifI only tablet so no problem. 

That said, I shouldn't have had to do any of this.    Samsung are a bit pants in this regard you definitely get the impression that once you walk out of the store with the device they don't really care about you.    My next tablet will definitely be an iPad.