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GPS MAPPING SOFTWARE & HARDWARE [Psion Series 7 - 100538]

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Currently interested in purchasing gps guided street map software for my Psion series '7' computer. Would also like to purchase a compatible gps unit for the same. I did check w/ Palmtop (Tom-Tom);however they have discontinued their product line for this unit. What alternatives do I have to set-up a route planning street map for the southern California area. Please Advise if Possible... Thanks, Michael R. Kerlegon Operations Department Tidelands Oil Production Company Long Beach Harbor Operations Ph: 562-436-9918 #293 Fx: 562-436-5364 Email:
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Not true! They (TomTom) say that: "The present version of Route Planner and TomTom citymaps will run on colour on the series 7 but this is not mentioned on our website. You will need to choose a Pocket PC version and order the CD. A downloaded version will NOT work. You may also ask your nearby TomTom dealer to order this for you" Recently, people on e-bay have been offering some of the older PalmTop Route Planner Millennium (run as Enroute") for a reasonable price. I bought my disc about three years ago ... but its not in colour. The newer ones from TomTom are, though. I have no idea about Southern California beacuse I live in the scorching hot UK ... but try giving a quick e-mail. They're awfully friendly;)) Bish
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GPS/Series 7. I've just given my Godson the 7 with GPS hardware, and the loaded UK mapping software. Trouble is, we don't know how to work it!! Anyone got any ideas of how to get hold of the instruction manual/URL for it?