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RS232 port doesn't work anymore [Psion Series 7 - 100538]

  • LeoJo
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I have a problem with the RS232 port on my Series 7, it is not seen anymore by the PC. When I hook up the 5MX the all is OK.  How can I have a solution for this probable hardware failure ? Is there a repair service and ... at what price ? Can I repair it myself ?
It worked before but at a certain moment I had to put a little weight on the commector on the Psion to get it working, then it went on for another couple of months until someone took the connector out without care ... and since then it fails.

Regards, LeoJo

I have a Series 7. Once or twice a year, it suddenly switches off its RS232 connection for reasons best understood by it. T he solution is simply to go to Tools then Link to Desktop and select Cable at 115200 baud. Have you tried this?