Proporta Tungsten Emergency Charger Kit – サポートフォーラム

Useless 9v charger [Proporta Tungsten Emergency Charger Kit - 103089]

I brought this kit mainly for emergency-charging my Zire 71 from 9v battery. The battery charger supplied was not the one in the kit photograph, but the ugly and unwieldy, makeshift lump shown as 'eXpansys 9V Emergency Battery Power for Palm Tungsten.' Despite both these products being sold as compatable with Zire 71, I spent several frustrating hours on the train *holding* the charger onto the Palm. It would not make contact for charging without constant forceful pressure. In the end, with my Palm barely charged, a plastic prong broke off inside. I later had to hack this out with a sharp tool, in order that the Palm may sit on the ordinary cradle.