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Nokia 6230 [Pretec 1GB Multi Media Card - 112025]

Has anyone tried the Pretec 1MB card with a Nokia 6230? I have just bought my Nokia 6230 and want it to play all my music held on my PC on my Nokia. Is the card compatable with my Nokia. I am sure all like minded music fans need this info before they invest in the mega size portable mp3 players. I currently have a 32mb card which with my Nokia headphones gives a decent sound but it is too tint. Thanks to all contributers in advance.
  • Jim Tse
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I know the 512MB MMC card works but it comes up with a lower memory count (although it does write to the full card). I'm not too sure about the 1GB card though, however, if the phone has trouble seeing 512MB I doubt it will like the 1GB MMC. -- Jim - eXpansys
  • Dave T
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I bought the Pretec 1GB card from expansys and it did not work with my 6230 (firmware 4.28). To the credit of expansys they are processing a refund. I hope that a 1GB card will soon be found that works with the 6230 or that Nokia provides a firmware update to fix the compatability issue (and the fact that the 6230 has no "flight mode" to turn off the GSM radio)!!
  • merpheu
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yes i bought a pretec 1 gb an it did not work :( my firmware is 3.15 so plz can any one help me ??