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What's wrong? [Panasonic X800 - 125722]

  • kryz
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Two days ago, I was just finished installing a new theme for x800, there's nothing wrong, installation complete and I have the theme ready to be applied. I preview the theme first, but there's a warning notice application closed and then the phone restart itself. When it finish restarting, all my installed themes in the phone memory is gone, my ogg player gone, my ultra mp3 is also gone, all data in the calendar, notepad, quickoffice and to-do list is also gone and even the original game of the phone, the golf and the baloon headed boy is also gone. I'm quite curious with the event but I'm quite relief as there were more space now in the phone. I've installed back a few program essential to me. But now, every time I set up the theme that I installed in my mini sd, it will change to the default theme, the x800 theme. i switch off the phone when i go to sleep but the changing theme occurs when i switch it on again. Is there a/any problem with the phone or maybe the software?