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Xp keeps on looking for printer [Palm Zire 21 - 107763]

I try to install my Zire 21, but with start-up my computer states it has found new hardware, a printer. I uninstalled, and still the computer keeps on looking for a printer at start-up. I have updated my Xp installation, and I have succeeded installing the latest software for Zire 21, but I still can''t synchronise. How make my computer think otherwise ( it''s a palmtop, not a printer ). The computer is a Packard Bell with AMD motherboard and Sempron processor, and the Xp installation has undergone the latest servicing by Microsoft-update. Even smiling or yelling doesn''t work. Anybody? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Based on your description this should be working. You might want to contact Palm to rule out problems with the Zire 21 itself. Their support information can be found here Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA