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XP Driver for eXpansys USB-Parallel Bridge Cable [ORA USB Printer Cable - 101672]

  • S Tanno
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I have just got my eXpansys cable and have two problem. First, the driver disk supplied does not support Windows XP Professional..and Second, the driver comes on a 3.25in disk and I have no disk drive with my PC (only CD drives). Is it possible to get the correct XP driver by email preferrably or on CD please?
I too have USB-Parallel cable, and cannot get it to work in XP. It is supposed to be 'plug-n-play', but it does no such thing! Any advice from other users?
  • DaveyT
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Can I assume from the lack of response to this threat that expansys have no idea how to fix this???? I have just got my USB-Parallel cable and although XP does find it the printing is soooooooooooooooooooooo slow, come on expansys get it sorted.
Has there been any development on this issue i.e. being able to download the relevant drivers? I have just purchased this cable to allow me to use my Epson parallel printer with my laptop. I am also running XP Pro and am now concerned that I will be unable to use what I have just purchased.
I've been trawling the web and all the other people who sell these products say that Windows 2000 / XP don't need a driver for this as Windows should detect and install the unit itself. There is also talk somewhere about specifications on these adapters and that some of them don't support true Bi-Di printing which would explain why it was quite slow. However, the ones that do seem to cost a flamin fortune! I went down the bluetooth route with an old laser printer I have - Bluetooth Parallel port, linked to my TDK bluetooth card. It seems very quick, and it's not too expensive to buy and get working. Hope this helps!! :p
also i have an adapter usb to parallel and for win xp it doesn't need a driver but to use a printer , the driver for this one must be implemented to be used with a usb port, otherwise the printer continue serching for a normal parallel port and isnt't able to print using the usb virtual port installed as soon as the pc see the adapter,...... pheraps :-)