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Instructions...? [OQO model 2 Digital Pen - 144945]

  • davida
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OK, so I've received the pen - but where are the instructions for use?



  • davida
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  • 加入日: 3 11月 2004

... ie stuff like what the two buttons do, what the metal circular "clip" thing is for, what are "pen flicks" etc etc ?


  • KCSL
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As David says, no instructions.

I can tell you that the clip thing "seems" to actually be a tool for pulling the nib things out. It has a "nick" on one of the edges so you can clamp it over the nip and pull.

I'd like to know if I'm supposed to put batteries in the darn thing or not. Seems to to work when it arrived, but theres a button ion the top that seems to be in a funny place... Theres also no help on the OQO web site that I can see for this either.



the metal clips are for changing the stylus tips which have been supplied with the original pen, the flicks are simple think of the apple iphone, they work in the same manner but you first must set your computer up to accept the inputs

Hi David,

firstly you are right about the clip thing, the other problem you have is not that simple, when you recieived your oqo you needed to do first the driver updates from the oqo web site, go to oqo and open the downloads, you will need to open the XP even if you have vista, type in the last search box "generic vista downloads" and then follow the instructions on the screen, after each driver you must restart your computer, if you have problems still give me a call, 07713509707.

 good luck Dave W