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Differences between GM1910 & GM1913 [OnePlus 7 Pro Dual-SIM GM1913 - 317395]

What differences if any are there between the two variations?

Do both come with the Google suite of applications Play Store, Google phone, Gmail etc)? 

Are all languages available in both in my case English and Japanese)? 

Would the CN version GM1910), be better for use in Japan? 


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Both models come with the OxygenOS firmweare with multiple languages and all the Google services pre-installed. Apart from different packaging, they come with different plug charger. The GM1913 model should come with a 3-pin UK plug charger, and the GM1910 should come with a 2-pin US plug charger.

Thanks, sounds like the GM1910 would be the better option with the plug adapter.


Thanks again for the info.