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O2 Triband Data Card can't install on certain laptops [O2 3G Datacard - Connections - 135008]

  • stevecad
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Hi, is there anyone out there who has had problems installing o2 data cards on specifically Dell Inspiron 510m and HP NX6110 laptops - i have installed the cards onto IBM thinkpad and Dell inspiron 1150 without any problems - i have tried O2 help but nothing seems to work - the cards are ok as they work in the laptops that the installation worked on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Steve
  • lazer_95
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I have the HP zd8000 and am having exactly the same problems. The laptop simply refuses to find the cards ir rather install or start the drivers for them. Steve, did you have any luck? Anyone got any ideas? Cheers - Shaun
  • stevecad
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  • 加入日: 19 4月 2006
Hi Shaun, I did have some luck Dell:Good - HP:Bad. For the dell all i had to do was install all windows updates and that sorted that one, however, it seems that the HP problem is inherant in the design of the machine - I found buried quite deeply in the HP.com site that some of their Laptops are incompatible with that specific card - there is no fix as the problem has something to do with memory allocation in the bios which up untill last check cannot even be fixed via a bios update so bummer! But........ I do know that the vodafone version of their 3g(Quad-Band) installs like a dream. Don't know if it's practical for you but i would suggest that you get one of them - the director who's machine i've intalled that one on has reported no problems at all and has been using it from London-Singapore-Australia and it operated seemlessly throughout. Hope that ramble was of some help. Steve
  • Sulla
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Hia Steve, I did some research and did find a solution for my HP and just posted it here. http://www.expansys.com/forumthread.asp?code=MERLIN_U630&thread=15 It seems that part of the problem is the way XP handles multifunction devices, SP2 onwards and it seems to affect the install on certain machines. I posted on the HP support site, but did not help. The 2 missing files really did help as in the above thread. You would kind of think this would be tested before you or me took delivery of them ;) Many thanks for the fast reply as well mate, Cheers Shaun
  • Brookesy
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Hi folks! I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook and cannot get my O2 Datacard Connection Manager to work. It just comes back with a 'drivers not loaded' error. Can anyone help?? Thanks, Steve