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Nokia SU-8W Wireless Keyboard Compatibility. [Nokia SU-8W Wireless Keyboard - 113775]

Hello Does anyone know if this item is compatible with PC laptop that runs Window XP (Home Edition). Any help would be greatly appreciated. ricardo2000
According to what I read when I googled this question, the keyboard give XP compatibility without any additional drivers, as it uses the native HID profile. So yes. Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!
Thanks for the info. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this working and also does anybody know if this requires any additional software? Also can some provide me with the links that state this is compatible to PC laptps. I did a search and didn't really find anything stating this to be true. ricardo2000
Look at the bottom post on here You don't need additional software to use it on Windows XP as long as your bluetooth adapter supports the HID profile (Human Interface Device, basically keyboard and mouse). The post I directed you at has first hand knowledge This is my google search incase you want to try it Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!
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This keyboard works perfect on an Htc Kaiser with windows mobile 6. But now my question is: The Nokia keyboard has certain characters for spanish anyone know how to put the Nokia Keyboard on Spanish to use this special characters?