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Su-1b and Denos character recognition [Nokia SU-1B Digital Pen - 105005]

I have just bought an SU-1B and Easybook M3 and I am having problems getting data into Word - both digitised (circled W) and non-digitised (W). When I dock the pen, the Denos software states that it is working on a Word document (Word 1) and then exits. When I look in the 'My Word Notes' directory, there is nothing there. Within Denos, a perfect image of the page is visible in the History section, if I select Export to Word I get the error "Error: cannot export this file" and again nothing is created. In both cases, use of the Windows task manager shows that a WINWORD process is started which doesn't die when Denos is exited (Tasks are correctly recognised and imported into Outlook) I am using Windows 2000, Service Pack 4 and Office 2000 Professional
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CraigBruce Just got my M3 package today. Hopefully will get a chance to try the Denos system this evening. I use XP and Office 2003 - let's see what happens!
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Just bought one week ago, with the same pb, error: cannot export this file. Character recognition works with the agenda and lotus notes. I am using Win 2000, SP4 and lotus notes
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Hi, I''m still using Word 2000 and experienced the same problem when I installed the software today. However, clicking on ''Upgrade'' under the help menu took me to a diagnostic page. This only appears to work properly in IE5+ and it is very good. A quick diagnostic established what I had installed and produced a zip file to download. I ran the exe file, and now everything appears to work according to specification. It is certainly impressive when it works. This might be too late for you Craig, but I came across this thread before I installed Denos through a Google search, and it occurs to me that others might do the same.