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Have NOKIA Recalled the E90 Phones - Are They Discontinuing this model ? Im told there is an E91 replacement soon. [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

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Hello forumites, I have a Nokia E90 which has been back to the Nokia agents 4 times in the 2 months that I have had it. I am now demanding a swop out for a new phone. I have been told by a Vodacom sales person here in South Africa, that there have been so many problems with the E90 that they are not carrying it anymore and that there may well be a new replacement model on the horison. At this stage I was advised to rather consider getting rid of my Nokia E90 and replacing it with a HTC TITAN ii. 

What is the truth behind these rumours? Is the E90 a "White Elephant"?

Must I just ditch the Nokia E90 back to Vodacom and wait for  a) A new manufacturing batch, if there will be one !? b) Forget about the communicator altogether and get the HTC TITAN ii


Teemot from South Africa 



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Please stop spreading mis-information.  I appreciate you have had a dud E90.  E90s are available all over the UK now and it is the latest model with none of the component problems.  See this Nokia information about the E90: http://seekingalpha.com/article/50411-nokia-q32007-earnings-call-transcript

 Also see this article about the fact thet Nokia did the right thing in recalling E90 units, unlike HTC when we had the faulty keyboard with the TyTN I: http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=technologyNews&storyid=2007-08-28T100648Z_01_L28782520_RTRUKOC_0_US-NOKIA-E90.xml

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Dear PdaJah, By your posting it would seem that you are strongly implying that I invented the story. Contrary to this, I have been told this by more than one source, which I had hoped to be untrue. When on Friday past, I was told this again by a Vodacom Shop, I decided to find out.

Having initially seen this product in Europe in the 2nd quarter of 2007, I decided to place an order for one. After a lengthy wait and a fairly large investment in this E90, (money doesnt grow on trees,) having had nothing but probems with this particular unit, need to know if I should accept a new swop-out unit, which would be the case if the Nokia E90 is continuing, or alternately if the unit is being binned / discontinued, then I need a different phone.

So rather than spreading mis information as you so rudely put it, I am trying to find out the truth. Ans also maybe JUST MAYBE someone in Nokia management will read this posting and have the decency to put all of our minds at rest. Inspite of international call and email communication, I have not had any satisfactory resolution to this problem.

Just how many times is someone supposed to return a defective phone, at great cost of time and petrol, and how many call centres does one have to speak to before some satisfactory answers are given. Its not as if this is the bottom of the range "budget" unit. 




Teemot was not spreading mis-information.  If someone is told something by a representative of a company who then posts the information on a public forum, they have every right to do so.  I frequently post things told to me by the providers I am slave to (Orange, Voda, Tmobile, o2, etc) which apply to the UK, but as per teemot's post, that was South Africa.  It's entirely possible that Vodacom have withdrawn the E90 from their range.  It was a dire phone for a long while.  There's no need to pounce on someone just because you don't like them posting something they have been told.

Oh by the way, Vodafone UK are releasing the SE w960 in December.  It's not mis-information, it's what I was told yesterday when I enquired.  It is, however, subject to change...


Personally in your situation I would not accept another repair.  You are within your rights to expect a replacement unit.  However, the choice of replacement has to be the same if not better than the model you are currently using. 

If Vodacom no longer have the E90, then they should replace yours with a model to the same if not better specification.  Be aware that the Tytn II is not without faults (some have said it has a weak screen - remember this is just stuff people have said on here and not mis-information...) and some have also said the system seems slow at times and crashes occasionally.  Also please remember that the E90 is Symbian based and the TytnII is Windows Mobile.  They are worlds apart and may be hard to get used to but give it a go.  I have a HTC S710 and have always liked the way it behaves.  I was contemplating the TytnII but to be honest I couldn't justify it!

Keep us informed (not mis-informed...) about your progress mate, I'd be interested to see how you are treated from here on.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Pete has fallen in love.

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Dear Pete thank you for your wise words.


Just for the record, I again tried to have some resolution from Nokia. The Careline appears to be someplace else in the world in some call centre. Once a representative comes on the line, they ask for the previous reference number, then say please hold on. Then there is music on the line for a while until the Nokia switchboard decides that the call is no longer active and drops the call.

In the interests of transparency, I am including my received email communication from Nokia..

The situation is still not resolved.

The question remains "Can they, or can't they, supply me with a new phone?"


==================== snip ===================



Dear Tim,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

You have contacted the Nokia Careline, and we provide information and support concerning Nokia mobile phones and other phone-related technology. In the interest of security and as part of our company policy, we do not disclose confidential information of our company and/or employees.

However, kindly note that your case is still under investigation and a resolution is expected shortly. Rest assured, your case has not gone forgotten and we will revert as soon as a resolution is achieved.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Nokia Careline and speak to any of our Customer Service Executives on 08611-66-542, between the hours of 7am and 9pm (local time), Mondays to Sundays. For online assistance, please visit ‘ASK Nokia’ at our website www.nokia.com.

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Kind regards,

Simon Mike
Nokia Careline
Nokia Middle East & Africa


-----Original Message-----

Subject: Nokia Careline - Tim Pullen - Nokia E90

Dear Zak,

Thank you for escalating this matter, but unless NOKIA can arrange a replacement phone by
the time I leave Durban for China tomorrow (11-10-2007) it is going to be too late.

Being the owner of Your brand new flagship NOKIA product, I am quite sure that you will
agree that I have not received FLAGSHIP backup service. This phone has been in for the
same fault twice and has actually spent about the same time back at the service department
as the time that I have owned it.

The service level is adequate for a little 6110 or something similar, but for a business device
like the E90 which actually cost more than a laptop, the service support levels are totally

I would actually like the chief CEO of NOKIA Europe's Telephone number and email address
please as I am going to get hold of him. If you can't send me his details, that's fine, I will track
him down.

What matters right now is that I have a working HTC on free loan with similar functionality to
the E90 and as such have a workaround for the China trip.


Tim Pullen

On 10 Oct 2007 at 17:17, xyz@nokia.com wrote:

Dear Tim;


Nice one teemot.  I would ask that you please remove any email addresses from your post above.  Spambots pick up on these and I would hate for it to happen to you.

(EDIT: Thanks for doing that, teemot)

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Pete has fallen in love.

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I have just searched the web and found that someone else has posted complaintes about Nokia E90 on the web as well. He complains about a creaking casework, where according to the Nokia authorities the casework appears to not be covered by a guarantee. I find this a bit strange coming from Nokia, but you can read the original posting to see the full story.




One can only wonder what could be happening to a company like Nokia who has been touted as having superb service levels and a superb product, when they seem to be dancing around service issues and customer satisfaction issues with regards to their flagship offering. 


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Hello There,

 I also have an E90.

Has anyone had a difficulty with the GPS, mine wont connect.



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Let me put this to rest (of sorts, as there might be some truth now to this).

I have been awaiting a Nokia E90 for a while now DIRECT FROM NOKIA, albeit through their UK Logistics and Support Centre, as a 'Compensation Exchange Phone" for huge delays and legal issues surrounding the repair of a BRAND NEW (yes brand new) Nokia E51 I sent to them in February.

I have been waiting four weeks for an E90 with them, as the UK Logisitics Centre were awaiting stock direct from Nokia Finland themselves (though I am not sure that's the actual country of manufacture, I'd doubt it).

And the ETA for delivery to the Logistics Centre kept getting pushed back, and pushed back.

Eventually, I was told, that a whole new Production Run was instead now being done, to get supplies in stock.

They arrived in this week, and mine has been sent out, for delivery due with me tomorrow morning.

So they ARE still being manufactured, is one way of looking at this.  But as this was a specific requested production run, it makes me wonder if standard production has indeed now been phased out.

That's not scare-mongering... just intuition or curiosity on my part.


Incidentally, for reasons I really struggle to fathom, it now looks like the Wonderful N82 HAS now been discontinued by Nokia, despite a really short shelf life, AND it being such a great phone.

To me, it's a step up again from the N95 that is so well praised, having all it's features, plus better A-GPS, and a True Xenon Flash as well as slightly better battery/life.


But it seems even the new Black Edition has now been discontinued by Orange UK, as my friend was set to get one on upgrade, and had to settle for it's lesser brother the new 6220 instead as Orange said it's been discontinued, as opposed to "Out of Stock".

Sounds about right, as the N82 was suggested to me as the first offer of Compensation Phone, as described above, but the one they sent was Dead On Arrival, and they had no more to offer me, as they stated it's now discontinued - hence being offered an E90 instead.

Weird and then some.

But hope this info helps anyway.



Now on to my 64th mobile handset since my first ever Ericsson GA628, with the advent of my new Black Nokia N82, to add to my silver one.

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I think given the fact that the original post was made in what Nov 07 and its now Sept 08 so what 10 months has past and Nokia are still making and shipping the phone to all territories shows the O/P was conmpletely mis informed which everyone really knew anyway.

It is also normal for particular territories to request specific production runs as Nokia as with other manufacturers base runs on demand for territories as the phones are different (prouct codes in firmware, keyboards etc) so the UK having to wait for a productionj run isn 't anything unexpected

Most phones these days have a shelf life of 6-18 months so it probably is about time for the E91 to make an appearance


Alan (Using HP 2133, Nokia E71/66, Touch Pro, iPhone 3G, i780)

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The E90 sucessor is still a while away from being announced from my understanding. Not sure how far, but I suspect another 6 months from my understanding. 

Hey i'm brian from the uk.

 I dont know were u got your e90 from or what problems you had with your handset, but I got my e90 when they were first available in the uk back in 06/07 i got mine from play.com  (after vast research, that was the only place in the uk that had them in stock and i remember that after i placed my order i still had to wait for them to come into stock) since i had my phone, i've had no problems with it and i think that it is fantastic the quality is 50,0000 better than the 9500 and 9300 i've still got my phone now in 2010  and its still goin strong but it as seen better days, but that is only cuz i've droped it so many times the fuctions on the fone are great and the build quality is g8t the only thing that I dont like bout the fone, is that you cant send or recieve faxes like you could with the 93&9500 but still a top noch smartphone but i'm thinking bout replaceing it with the iphone 4 but well done nokia, if nokia brought a phone out in direct competition to the ipone 4, I would consider geting it i'm 38 and have always had nokia phones, i think their well built and easy to use.  carry on the good work nokia