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9500 SMS Transfer to MMC [Nokia 9500 Communicator QWERTY - 111586]

  • ben_yap
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Anyone can assist me on this, I need to save all my SMS inside INBOX & SENTBOX
  • hungipaq
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Very easy ,you give me your email ,i'll send you message store ,this is a good software ,you can be easily transfer your message into .txt or .doc file and then you give them to your PC and read it
please send to my email address at Thank you for your help. I want to ask also, how to format Nokia 9500? Thank you. Sincerely, Henry
  • mushtac
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Hi Hungipaq, can you forward 'message store to please? Thanks for your time.
  • svaha
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hello.I am also interested in the message store program you are referring to.could please send me this software as well?thanks.I was also wondering how to save all my contacts from my nokia 9500 communicator?
  • mynokia
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Please forward me message store to Thank you
  • maquresh
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Many thanks for your help to other forum members. I would also very appreciate your help in transferring all my sms to pc. My email address is: Please help!
  • ben_yap
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Hung, Hope your software will help. /
hi to everybody. few days ago a wrote an email to the nokia service but no answers yet. maybe is better here :) i have got a 9500 and i have the same sms problem, i store about 2000 sms in in/out box and i wish to save that in a txt file or an access database. maybe the software you have is good? if so please send me it to . another problem is my keyboard. my phone is italian with an italian keyborad, untill few weeks ago everyhtings was ok but after the upgrade in a nokia centre my phone believe that him keyboard is american, not italian. is impossible for me use some keys live à è ect. the release is the latest 6.27 (0). after that upgrade i cant send or receve fax, the system say me that the device memory have no enought space ( when i use the application for check the memory status) but i got more than 50mb free. for other is a great mobile phone, i got 9100, 9210 and now 9500. thank you
  • babyblue
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Please forward me message store to Thank you very much. best wish !
  • selene
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babyblue, I strongly recommend you remove your email address unless you want to be spammed to death :-) Selene
can u please send me this software at thanks in advance