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Insert Sim Card error [Nokia 9500 Communicator QWERTY - 111586]

  • Malcolm2
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Sim card that works with 9210i on Vodafone throws up "insert Sim card" when fitted in new 9500 delivered this morning ... suggestions please?
  • Mik
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Have you tried cleaning the contacts on the sim card? -- Mick - eXpansys
  • Malcolm2
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  • 加入日: 19 11月 2004
Yes ... made no difference. Thanks for the reply. Problem now solved ... my older vodafone sim card differed in some way from a newly issued one and everything now works.
  • hiphopgal
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May be your sim is slightly dislodged ..Try to remove and place it again... If you still get that error it might be the network restriction in your phone that does not support your sim network.. In this case you can get it your phone network unlocked from any vendors online like .Btw what network you tried to insert in your New 9500 ?

 The sim which is supported on a phone that is on vodafone might be unlocked already